In the human body, pain occurs for a lot of reasons. Whether you’re managing pain on a daily basis or occasionally due to activity, it’s not something that’s fun to deal with. Pain can disrupt your quality of life and activity level. Have you tried using CBD lotion for pain? Research suggests promising results.

What Causes Pain?

When you’ve experienced an injury, undergone surgery, or have a chronic condition, there’s usually pain involved. There are many potential causes for the pain you experience. Overuse, prolonged injury, muscle strain, and even recovery from surgery can cause pain.

When the body undergoes physical and mental stress, sometimes a person can feel pain. For example, if your ankle was repaired surgically following an accident, the body is now trying to internally heal itself. The invasiveness of surgery can cause inflammation, which can result in sometimes profound pain.

Humans feel pain through the nervous system.

This mechanism is rooted in evolutionary biology – feeling pain can indicate a life-threatening injury. The ability to actually feel pain is meant to keep us safe. Fast-forward millions of years later, the nervous system continues to transmit messages from sensory receptors in the skin and joints to our brains, telling us we’re in pain.

Fortunately, there are ways to slow down this process in the nervous system and address the pain-causing inflammation you might be experiencing at the injury site.

What Does CBD Do For Pain?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, can help alleviate pain by addressing the two mechanisms that make humans feel pain.

First, CBD reduces inflammation. More specifically, research suggests that CBD reduces pain in the joints. Using the CB1 and CB2 receptors located in the immune system, CBD halts the activation of inflammatory T cells. Due to this ability, CBD has been found to help reduce arthritic pain and pain caused by fibrosis.

Additionally, studies have shown that CBD alleviates neuropathic pain by suppressing a3 glycine receptors. Due to this ability, CBD targets not just inflammation, but the pathway that makes humans actually feel it.

Using CBD Lotion for Pain

When applied topically, CBD has the ability to provide individuals with targeted and effective benefits. Using CBD lotion to reduce pain is effective because it can be used on an as-needed basis. No amount of CBD lotion is too much.

You can apply CBD lotion to your skin, which should be rubbed in until absorbed. Wait for about 15 minutes, and viola – relief.

Whether you’re recovering from a sprained ankle, experience chronic back pain, or just got home from surgery, CBD lotion is a natural, effective, and targeted way to address your pain. From the inflammation in the area to the neuropathic pain you’re feeling, CBD is the natural solution you’ve been searching for.

Freezing Point CBD Lotion and Salve

Infinite CBD has created a variety of CBD lotion and salve products that address pain.

Freezing Point Lotion comes in a few varieties. If you’re experiencing severe pain, Nano Freezing Point products are recommended, as CBD nanotechnology make CBD more bioavailable (absorbable) to the body.

Additionally, salve products make applying CBD very easy. Infinite CBD’s salves also include a higher ratio of CBD.

It’s Time to Use CBD Lotion for Pain

Experiencing and managing pain is the worst. Not only does it hurt, but it affects your quality of life and ability to do all of the activities you enjoy.

Use CBD lotion for pain if you’re seeking effective, targeted, and natural relief.